Transition Planning

Planning for, and transitioning into a different stage of life can be stressful. Building a strong retirement strategy now is imperative to reducing stress and enjoying your retirement later. Our qualified Financial Planners provide coaching and advice throughout all stages of your life. We can professionally evaluate changes in your priorities and make the necessary adjustments to your financial plan to ensure you meet your retirement goals.

While many business owners view their business as a tool to fund their retirement, few think about the tax liabilities of selling that business, or how to pass it to the next generation and then derive income. This requires careful advanced planning and consultation with your tax and legal advisors plus our team to ensure that you have a rewarding succession plan in place.

Protecting your assets from creditors is an equally important step in your retirement planning. Since the bulk of the wealth of most business owners is tied up in their business, they are at risk of losing their biggest asset if creditors request their assets for loans of the corporation. We can help protect your assets from the claim of creditors so you can focus on what really matters to you.